UniPi 1.1 communicates with external Rpi

  • Hi,

    I wonder if anyone ever tried to build up a communication between a unipi and a raspberry pi?
    As I have a lack of digital ins on my unipi I would like to use the raspberry's GPIOs to forward a switch action to the unipi.

    I already have two unipis which communicate over sscp, but I have no idea if and how this can be done with the raspberry.

    Any ideas?!


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    Hi @ckb,
    if you use Mervis on UniPi 1.1, then you have practically no other option other than to use ModbusTCP. On the RaspberryPi you can create a Python script utilizing the pymodbus library and program the logic in a way the DIs and ROs are mapped to the coils and AO/AI are mapped to registers.

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