Reinstalling EVOK on a new RPi Image

  • Hello,

    We have been using the Neuron L203 for about two years without any updates to it. As the SD card got corrupted, we tried to install the same setup in another RPi Image of the same version.

    We installed the Evok 1.0.0 code downloaded from GitHub and installed all the packages and the dependencies for it. We were able to install it successfully but there was a problem with Reading/Writing to the Output Pins in UPI WebApp. There were no changes made to the Relay Outputs when they were triggered. Could this be a problem with the i2c Address or are we missing out on any of the configurations that should be done after installing the EVOK software in their Config file?

    Does EVOK 1.0.0 Version support Neuron L203? Can you brief us on what could be the worst-case for the root cause of the issue, so that we would be able to look at it from there on?

    Hoping for a quick response,

    Thank you,
    Harish Kumar R.

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    Hello @HarishKumar,
    sorry for the late reply.
    Evok in version 1 is no longer supported (didn't you mean Evok-mini?). The current version of Evok is 2.1.x. As the first step, you should try to download and install the latest version via Debian package subsystem:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install evok

    Or directly:

    dpkg -i evok_2.1.2_armhf.deb

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