Hi Tad,

When making a complaint or repair, follow the complaint procedure: https://www.unipi.technology/return

In this case, however, it may not be a faulty HW, but only an inappropriate output setting:

The digital outputs on the Unipi units also enable the so-called PWM mode, where the output is controlled in a different way than during normal on / off switching. Another function that could affect the outputs in this way is the so-called DirectSwitch function.

If you work in Mervis SW, you can upload the default configuration simply by creating a new project in the Mervis IDE, assigning a PLC and uploading the Unipi module configuration.

For other SW solutions, I recommend checking the values in the Modbus registers.

To check that PWM is off, check registers 16 to 19, all of which should contain a value of 0. To check that the DirectSwitch function is turned off, check register 1014, it should also contain the value 0.