Neuron unstable when accessing /sys

  • @TomasKnot

    Thanks again! currently set to minutely and uptime is at 15hrs.

    Looks it is really stable now.

    thanks again for the great support!

  • @knebb
    If you need faster response times on the SYSFS I can make that change specifically for you, but the limiting factor will be snmp anyhow. Currently SYSFS is set to refresh at a rate of 50Hz. Rates up to 1000Hz are possible in theory, at a cost of higher CPU use.

  • Ah, well. No I am absolutely fine with this.

    My Cacti monitors the system every 5 minutes. So no need for faster- I am fine with a minute.

    Thanks again!

    Oh, and it is working stable. Now running for nearly 2days without a reboot.