Ethernet bridge

  • I have 2 Axon M205 which I want them to communicate via wifi with each other.
    One HMI must be connected to one unit via the Ethernet socket.
    The HMI should communicate with the other device through the first, this means that an Ethernet bridge must be created.
    Is there anyone who could help me with this?

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    @leif-edh That is doable but you would need to setup WiFi access point on one of those M205 (find a tutorial for hostapd), and enable bridging (available in bridge-utils package).

    If you won't use static IP addresses, you would have to also setup a DHCP server on the WLAN and eth, br interfaces.

    This tutorial might help you a bit:

    Another option is to put a router AP in the middle of it all.

    Also, note that the internal wifi antenna does not have much gain and is inside an aluminum box so the range is limited...

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