xS50 Dead ?

  • Device Dead ??
    I just upgraded my S103-G without any problems, but xS50 won't come up after upgrade with fwserial.
    I received many Flashing errors on the cli during the upgrade (timeout & invalid data), and after that the unit was unresponsive.
    I restarted the unit (after more than two hours). Before I had 4 LEDs lit up : PWR (red), RUN, RX and TX.
    After reboot only PWR is lit permanently (red).
    Any Help ?

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    Hello @unix,
    this looks like a failed flashing process, which indeed makes the extensions dead. You can send it to us and we will reflash it from inside. Please send it to:

    Faster CZ, spol. s.r.o
    UniPi RMA
    Jarni 44g
    Czech Republic

    And please include the printout of this conversation for referencing and some email contact.

    We are in the middle of coding a new major version of the firmware, where the flashing process - if fails - will start backup firmware so you can retry the flashing again.

    Best regards,

  • Hi @Martin-Kudláček THX


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