Relay Command with Python

  • Ok, now I get it. The new version of debian might be the issue… I have not tested it because a lot of things have changed. I recommend moving back to wheezy...

  • Are we going to get a solution?

  • Like I said. The solution is to get Raspbian wheezy. Jessie is not supported

  • I tried with Raspian Weezy, and a get the same result.

  • Hey again unipi users,

    like i tought… it has nothing to do with the dist version or the jsonrpclib.
    Tomas i ve descripded excatly where the problem cames from, so you just need to find out,
    why the function "StringIO" doesnt get the right callback.
    I dont know how the unipi and Your API are communicating, so its up to you.
    It would be a pleasur if you could find time to explain me your API base, then i also could find out,
    why this problem occours.

    Kind regards,
    Martin M.

  • I would like to help you guys but I still do not have enough information because this issue does not appear in my setup. What RPi do you use? Are you polling the API from the same machine (UniPi) or from different computer? Any other packages installed? What OS+version? Basically anything that might help me to achieve this behavior.

  • Hey guys,

    i just bought one of your UniPis and I am having problems using evok with python.
    I am using a brand new Raspberry Pi 3 B with the very newest Raspbian Jessie.

    my python script:

        from jsonrpclib import Server

    console's response:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "", line 4, in <module>
    File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/jsonrpclib/", line 288, in call
    return self.__send(self.__name, args)
    File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/jsonrpclib/", line 237, in _request
    response = self._run_request(request)
    File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/jsonrpclib/", line 255, in _run_request
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 1273, in request
    return self.single_request(host, handler, request_body, verbose)
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 1321, in single_request

    I have enabled the real time clock as described in your wiki ( ... d_software)
    $ sudo hwclock -r
    Fri 27 May 2016 11:59:50 UTC -0.870418 seconds
    so, works.

    I would appreciate if you have any advide for me!

  • ..and my UniPi control panel does not work either. there are no buttons to change the states of any output. maybe this can be a hint about me having forgotten any installation (but i dont think so!)

  • and it may also be interesting to see my i2detect output:

    pi@unipi:~ $ i2cdetect -y 1
     0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  a  b  c  d  e  f

    00: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    10: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 18 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    20: 20 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    30: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    40: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    50: 50 -- -- -- -- -- -- 57 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    60: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 68 -- -- -- -- -- -- UU
    70: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

  • okay I am finding more and more information that might be helpful:
    I have this error under http://unipi/rest/relay/1/value
    500: Internal Server Error
    some people wrote about the same issue--it always got solved anyhow, but it could never really determined where the problem comes from.
    i installed with wget and with git, I plugged it to different plug sockets. i am using the delivered power supply.

  • I forgot to put a CR2023 battery on the unipi! damn it i will get one and then come back and tell you if this was the problem!

  • okay..problem stays the same

  • I have even tried it with power supply for unipi and raspberrypi separated. (and I took of the JP1 to test this )

  • I reinstalled from scratch and this time I noticed this warniung

        /tmp/pip-build-m8wmVa/tornado/ UserWarning:
        WARNING: The tornado.speedups extension module could not
        be compiled. No C extensions are essential for Tornado to run,
        although they do result in significant speed improvements for
        The output above this warning shows how the compilation failed.
        Here are some hints for popular operating systems:
        If you are seeing this message on Linux you probably need to
        install GCC and/or the Python development package for your
        version of Python.
        Debian and Ubuntu users should issue the following command:
            $ sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev
        RedHat, CentOS, and Fedora users should issue the following command:
            $ sudo yum install gcc python-devel
        If you are seeing this message on OSX please read the documentation
          "The output above "
        command 'arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc' failed with exit status 1
        no previously-included directories found matching 'docs/build'
        warning: no files found matching 'tornado/test/README'
      Running install for toro
        no previously-included directories found matching 'doc/_build'
      Running install for jsonrpclib
      Running install for backports.ssl-match-hostname

  • ..and here are my installed packages (may be helpful), but haven't installed any other packeges.

    pi@unipi:~ $ dpkg --get-selections
    acl                                             install
    adduser                                         install
    adwaita-icon-theme                              install
    alacarte                                        install
    alsa-base                                       install
    alsa-utils                                      install
    apt                                             install
    apt-listchanges                                 install
    apt-utils                                       install
    aptitude                                        install
    aptitude-common                                 install
    aspell                                          install
    aspell-en                                       install
    avahi-daemon                                    install
    base-files                                      install
    base-passwd                                     install
    bash                                            install
    bash-completion                                 install
    bind9-host                                      install
    binutils                                        install
    blt                                             install
    bluej                                           install
    bluez                                           install
    bluez-firmware                                  install
    bsdmainutils                                    install
    bsdutils                                        install
    build-essential                                 install
    bzip2                                           install
    ca-certificates                                 install
    cifs-utils                                      install
    claws-mail                                      install
    claws-mail-i18n                                 install
    coinor-libcbc3                                  install
    coinor-libcgl1                                  install
    coinor-libclp1                                  install
    coinor-libcoinmp1:armhf                         install
    coinor-libcoinutils3                            install
    coinor-libosi1                                  install
    console-setup                                   install
    console-setup-linux                             install
    coreutils                                       install
    cpio                                            install
    cpp                                             install
    cpp-4.9                                         install
    crda                                            install
    cron                                            install
    cryptsetup-bin                                  install
    cups-bsd                                        install
    cups-client                                     install
    cups-common                                     install
    curl                                            install
    dash                                            install
    dbus                                            install
    dbus-x11                                        install
    dc                                              install
    dconf-gsettings-backend:armhf                   install
    dconf-service                                   install
    debconf                                         install
    debconf-i18n                                    install
    debconf-utils                                   install
    debian-reference-common                         install
    debian-reference-en                             install
    debianutils                                     install
    desktop-base                                    install
    desktop-file-utils                              install
    device-tree-compiler                            install
    dh-python                                       install
    dhcpcd5                                         install
    dictionaries-common                             install
    diffutils                                       install
    dillo                                           install
    dmidecode                                       install
    dmsetup                                         install
    dosfstools                                      install
    dphys-swapfile                                  install
    dpkg                                            install
    dpkg-dev                                        install
    e2fslibs:armhf                                  install
    e2fsprogs                                       install
    ed                                              install
    eject                                           install
    emacsen-common                                  install
    epiphany-browser                                install
    epiphany-browser-data                           install
    esound-common                                   install
    fake-hwclock                                    install
    fakeroot                                        install
    fbset                                           install
    file                                            install
    findutils                                       install
    firmware-atheros                                install
    firmware-brcm80211                              install
    firmware-libertas                               install
    firmware-ralink                                 install
    firmware-realtek                                install
    fontconfig                                      install
    fontconfig-config                               install
    fonts-dejavu                                    install
    fonts-dejavu-core                               install
    fonts-dejavu-extra                              install
    fonts-freefont-ttf                              install
    fonts-opensymbol                                install
    fonts-roboto                                    install
    fonts-sil-gentium-basic                         install
    freepats                                        install
    fuse                                            install
    g++                                             install
    g++-4.9                                         install
    galculator                                      install
    gcc                                             install
    gcc-4.6-base:armhf                              install
    gcc-4.7-base:armhf                              install
    gcc-4.8-base:armhf                              install
    gcc-4.9                                         install
    gcc-4.9-base:armhf                              install
    gconf-service                                   install
    gconf2                                          install
    gconf2-common                                   install
    gdb                                             install
    gdbserver                                       install
    gdebi-core                                      install
    geany                                           install
    geany-common                                    install
    geoip-database                                  install
    gettext-base                                    install
    giblib1:armhf                                   install
    gir1.2-atk-1.0                                  install
    gir1.2-freedesktop:armhf                        install
    gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0                            install
    gir1.2-glib-2.0:armhf                           install
    gir1.2-gmenu-3.0                                install
    gir1.2-gtk-3.0:armhf                            install
    gir1.2-pango-1.0:armhf                          install
    git                                             install
    git-core                                        install
    git-man                                         install
    gksu                                            install
    glib-networking:armhf                           install
    glib-networking-common                          install
    glib-networking-services                        install
    gnome-desktop3-data                             install
    gnome-icon-theme                                install
    gnome-icon-theme-symbolic                       install
    gnome-menus                                     install
    gnome-themes-standard:armhf                     install
    gnome-themes-standard-data                      install
    gnupg                                           install
    gnupg-agent                                     install
    gnupg2                                          install
    gpgv                                            install
    gpicview                                        install
    greenfoot                                       install
    grep                                            install
    groff-base                                      install
    gsettings-desktop-schemas                       install
    gsfonts                                         install
    gsfonts-x11                                     install
    gstreamer0.10-alsa:armhf                        install
    gstreamer0.10-plugins-base:armhf                install
    gstreamer1.0-alsa:armhf                         install
    gstreamer1.0-libav:armhf                        install
    gstreamer1.0-omx                                install
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad:armhf                  install
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-base:armhf                 install
    gstreamer1.0-plugins-good:armhf                 install
    gstreamer1.0-x:armhf                            install
    gtk2-engines:armhf                              install
    gtk2-engines-clearlookspix:armhf                install
    gtk2-engines-pixbuf:armhf                       install
    gvfs:armhf                                      install
    gvfs-backends                                   install
    gvfs-common                                     install
    gvfs-daemons                                    install
    gvfs-fuse                                       install
    gvfs-libs:armhf                                 install
    gzip                                            install
    hardlink                                        install
    hdparm                                          install
    hicolor-icon-theme                              install
    hostname                                        install
    i2c-tools                                       install
    idle                                            install
    idle-python2.7                                  install
    idle-python3.4                                  install
    idle3                                           install
    ifupdown                                        install
    info                                            install
    init                                            install
    init-system-helpers                             install
    initramfs-tools                                 install
    initscripts                                     install
    insserv                                         install
    install-info                                    install
    iproute2                                        install
    iptables                                        install
    iputils-ping                                    install
    isc-dhcp-client                                 install
    isc-dhcp-common                                 install
    iso-codes                                       install
    iw                                              install
    jackd                                           install
    jackd2                                          install
    java-common                                     install
    javascript-common                               install
    kbd                                             install
    keyboard-configuration                          install
    klibc-utils                                     install
    kmod                                            install
    leafpad                                         install
    less                                            install
    libaa1:armhf                                    install
    libabw-0.1-1                                    install
    libacl1:armhf                                   install
    libalgorithm-c3-perl                            install
    libalgorithm-diff-perl                          install
    libalgorithm-diff-xs-perl                       install
    libalgorithm-merge-perl                         install
    libapt-inst1.5:armhf                            install
    libapt-pkg4.12:armhf                            install
    libarchive-extract-perl                         install
    libarchive13:armhf                              install
    libasan1:armhf                                  install
    libasound2:armhf                                install
    libasound2-data                                 install
    libasound2-plugins:armhf                        install
    libaspell15:armhf                               install
    libasprintf0c2:armhf                            install
    libass5:armhf                                   install
    libassuan0:armhf                                install
    libasyncns0:armhf                               install
    libatasmart4:armhf                              install
    libatk-bridge2.0-0:armhf                        install
    libatk1.0-0:armhf                               install
    libatk1.0-data                                  install
    libatomic1:armhf                                install
    libatspi2.0-0:armhf                             install
    libattr1:armhf                                  install
    libaudio2:armhf                                 install
    libaudiofile1:armhf                             install
    libaudit-common                                 install
    libaudit1:armhf                                 install
    libavahi-client3:armhf                          install
    libavahi-common-data:armhf                      install
    libavahi-common3:armhf                          install
    libavahi-core7:armhf                            install
    libavahi-glib1:armhf                            install
    libavahi-gobject0:armhf                         install
    libavc1394-0:armhf                              install
    libavcodec56:armhf                              install
    libavformat56:armhf                             install
    libavresample2:armhf                            install
    libavutil54:armhf                               install
    libbind9-90                                     install
    libblas-common                                  install
    libblas3                                        install
    libblkid1:armhf                                 install
    libbluetooth3:armhf                             install
    libbluray1:armhf                                install
    libboost-atomic1.55.0:armhf                     install
    libboost-date-time1.55.0:armhf                  install
    libboost-filesystem1.55.0:armhf                 install
    libboost-iostreams1.49.0                        install
    libboost-iostreams1.50.0                        install
    libboost-iostreams1.53.0                        install
    libboost-iostreams1.54.0:armhf                  install
    libboost-iostreams1.55.0:armhf                  install
    libboost-program-options1.55.0:armhf            install
    libboost-regex1.55.0:armhf                      install
    libboost-system1.55.0:armhf                     install
    libboost-thread1.55.0:armhf                     install
    libbsd0:armhf                                   install
    libbz2-1.0:armhf                                install
    libc-ares2:armhf                                install
    libc-bin                                        install
    libc-dev-bin                                    install
    libc6:armhf                                     install
    libc6-dbg:armhf                                 install
    libc6-dev:armhf                                 install
    libcaca0:armhf                                  install
    libcairo-gobject2:armhf                         install
    libcairo2:armhf                                 install
    libcanberra-gtk3-0:armhf                        install
    libcanberra0:armhf                              install
    libcap-ng0:armhf                                install
    libcap2:armhf                                   install
    libcap2-bin                                     install
    libcdio-cdda1                                   install
    libcdio-paranoia1                               install
    libcdio13                                       install
    libcdparanoia0:armhf                            install
    libcdr-0.1-1                                    install
    libcgi-fast-perl                                install
    libcgi-pm-perl                                  install
    libchromaprint0:armhf                           install
    libclass-c3-perl                                install
    libclass-c3-xs-perl                             install
    libcloog-isl4:armhf                             install
    libclucene-contribs1:armhf                      install
    libclucene-core1:armhf                          install
    libcmis-0.4-4                                   install
    libcolamd2.8.0:armhf                            install
    libcolord2:armhf                                install
    libcomerr2:armhf                                install
    libcompfaceg1                                   install
    libcpan-meta-perl                               install
    libcroco3:armhf                                 install
    libcryptsetup4:armhf                            install
    libcups2:armhf                                  install
    libcupsfilters1:armhf                           install
    libcupsimage2:armhf                             install
    libcurl3:armhf                                  install
    libcurl3-gnutls:armhf                           install
    libcwidget3:armhf                               install
    libcwiid1                                       install
    libdaemon0:armhf                                install
    libdata-optlist-perl                            install
    libdata-section-perl                            install
    libdatrie1:armhf                                install
    libdb5.3:armhf                                  install
    libdbus-1-3:armhf                               install
    libdbus-glib-1-2:armhf                          install
    libdc1394-22:armhf                              install
    libdca0:armhf                                   install
    libdconf1:armhf                                 install
    libdebconfclient0:armhf                         install
    libdevmapper-event1.02.1:armhf                  install
    libdevmapper1.02.1:armhf                        install
    libdirectfb-1.2-9:armhf                         install
    libdns-export100                                install
    libdns100                                       install
    libdpkg-perl                                    install
    libdrm-amdgpu1:armhf                            install
    libdrm-freedreno1:armhf                         install
    libdrm-nouveau2:armhf                           install
    libdrm-radeon1:armhf                            install
    libdrm2:armhf                                   install
    libdv4:armhf                                    install
    libdvdnav4:armhf                                install
    libdvdread4:armhf                               install
    libe-book-0.1-1                                 install
    libedit2:armhf                                  install
    libegl1-mesa:armhf                              install
    libelf1:armhf                                   install
    libelfg0:armhf                                  install
    libenca0:armhf                                  install
    libenchant1c2a:armhf                            install
    libeot0                                         install
    libepoxy0                                       install
    liberror-perl                                   install
    libesd0:armhf                                   install
    libestr0                                        install
    libetonyek-0.1-1                                install
    libetpan17:armhf                                install
    libevdev2                                       install
    libevent-2.0-5:armhf                            install
    libexif12:armhf                                 install
    libexpat1:armhf                                 install
    libexpat1-dev:armhf                             install
    libexttextcat-2.0-0                             install
    libexttextcat-data                              install
    libfaad2:armhf                                  install
    libfakeroot:armhf                               install
    libfcgi-perl                                    install
    libffi5:armhf                                   install
    libffi6:armhf                                   install
    libfftw3-double3:armhf                          install
    libfftw3-single3:armhf                          install
    libfile-fcntllock-perl                          install
    libflac8:armhf                                  install
    libflite1:armhf                                 install
    libfltk1.3:armhf                                install
    libfluidsynth1:armhf                            install
    libfm-data                                      install
    libfm-extra4:armhf                              install
    libfm-gtk-data                                  install
    libfm-gtk4:armhf                                install
    libfm-modules:armhf                             install
    libfm4:armhf                                    install
    libfontconfig1:armhf                            install
    libfontenc1:armhf                               install
    libfreehand-0.1-1                               install
    libfreetype6:armhf                              install
    libfreetype6-dev                                install
    libfribidi0:armhf                               install
    libfuse2:armhf                                  install
    libgbm1:armhf                                   install
    libgcc-4.9-dev:armhf                            install
    libgcc1:armhf                                   install
    libgconf-2-4:armhf                              install
    libgcrypt20:armhf                               install
    libgd3:armhf                                    install
    libgdbm3:armhf                                  install
    libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0:armhf                        install
    libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common                         install
    libgeoclue0:armhf                               install
    libgeoip1:armhf                                 install
    libgfortran3:armhf                              install
    libgif4:armhf                                   install
    libgirepository-1.0-1:armhf                     install
    libgksu2-0                                      install
    libgl1-mesa-dri:armhf                           install
    libgl1-mesa-glx:armhf                           install
    libglapi-mesa:armhf                             install
    libgles1-mesa:armhf                             install
    libgles2-mesa:armhf                             install
    libglew1.10:armhf                               install
    libglib2.0-0:armhf                              install
    libglib2.0-bin                                  install
    libglib2.0-data                                 install
    libgltf-0.0-0                                   install
    libglu1-mesa:armhf                              install
    libgme0                                         install
    libgmp10:armhf                                  install
    libgnome-desktop-3-10                           install
    libgnome-keyring-common                         install
    libgnome-keyring0:armhf                         install
    libgnome-menu-3-0                               install
    libgnutls-deb0-28:armhf                         install
    libgnutls-openssl27:armhf                       install
    libgoa-1.0-0b:armhf                             install
    libgoa-1.0-common                               install
    libgomp1:armhf                                  install
    libgpg-error0:armhf                             install
    libgpgme11:armhf                                install
    libgphoto2-6:armhf                              install
    libgphoto2-port10:armhf                         install
    libgpm2:armhf                                   install
    libgraphite2-3:armhf                            install
    libgsm1:armhf                                   install
    libgssapi-krb5-2:armhf                          install
    libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0:armhf             install
    libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0:armhf           install
    libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-0:armhf            install
    libgstreamer0.10-0:armhf                        install
    libgstreamer1.0-0:armhf                         install
    libgtk-3-0:armhf                                install
    libgtk-3-bin                                    install
    libgtk-3-common                                 install
    libgtk2.0-0:armhf                               install
    libgtk2.0-bin                                   install
    libgtk2.0-common                                install
    libgtkglext1                                    install
    libgtop2-7                                      install
    libgtop2-common                                 install
    libgudev-1.0-0:armhf                            install
    libharfbuzz-icu0:armhf                          install
    libharfbuzz0b:armhf                             install
    libhogweed2:armhf                               install
    libhsqldb1.8.0-java                             install
    libhunspell-1.3-0:armhf                         install
    libhyphen0                                      install
    libice6:armhf                                   install
    libicu52:armhf                                  install
    libid3tag0                                      install
    libident                                        install
    libidn11:armhf                                  install
    libiec61883-0:armhf                             install
    libilmbase6:armhf                               install
    libimlib2                                       install
    libimobiledevice4:armhf                         install
    libirs-export91                                 install
    libisc-export95                                 install
    libisc95                                        install
    libisccc90                                      install
    libisccfg-export90                              install
    libisccfg90                                     install
    libisl10:armhf                                  install
    libiw30:armhf                                   install
    libjack-jackd2-0:armhf                          install
    libjasper1:armhf                                install
    libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0:armhf                install
    libjbig0:armhf                                  install
    libjim0.75:armhf                                install
    libjpeg62-turbo:armhf                           install
    libjpeg8:armhf                                  install
    libjs-jquery                                    install
    libjs-prettify                                  install

  • ..and the rest

    libjson-c2:armhf                                install
    libjson-glib-1.0-0:armhf                        install
    libjson-glib-1.0-common                         install
    libk5crypto3:armhf                              install
    libkate1                                        install
    libkeyutils1:armhf                              install
    libklibc                                        install
    libkmod2:armhf                                  install
    libkrb5-3:armhf                                 install
    libkrb5support0:armhf                           install
    libksba8:armhf                                  install
    liblangtag-common                               install
    liblangtag1                                     install
    liblapack3                                      install
    liblcms2-2:armhf                                install
    libldap-2.4-2:armhf                             install
    libldb1:armhf                                   install
    liblightdm-gobject-1-0                          install
    libllvm3.7:armhf                                install
    liblocale-gettext-perl                          install
    liblockfile-bin                                 install
    liblockfile1:armhf                              install
    liblog-message-perl                             install
    liblog-message-simple-perl                      install
    liblogging-stdlog0:armhf                        install
    liblognorm1:armhf                               install
    libltdl7:armhf                                  install
    libluajit-5.1-common                            install
    liblvm2app2.2:armhf                             install
    liblwres90                                      install
    liblzma5:armhf                                  install
    liblzo2-2:armhf                                 install
    libmad0:armhf                                   install
    libmagic1:armhf                                 install
    libmenu-cache-bin                               install
    libmenu-cache3:armhf                            install
    libmhash2:armhf                                 install
    libmikmod3:armhf                                install
    libmimic0                                       install
    libmjpegutils-2.1-0                             install
    libmms0:armhf                                   install
    libmng1:armhf                                   install
    libmodplug1                                     install
    libmodule-build-perl                            install
    libmodule-pluggable-perl                        install
    libmodule-signature-perl                        install
    libmotif-common                                 install
    libmount1:armhf                                 install
    libmozjs185-1.0                                 install
    libmp3lame0:armhf                               install
    libmpc3:armhf                                   install
    libmpdec2:armhf                                 install
    libmpeg2encpp-2.1-0                             install
    libmpfr4:armhf                                  install
    libmpg123-0:armhf                               install
    libmplex2-2.1-0                                 install
    libmro-compat-perl                              install
    libmspub-0.1-1                                  install
    libmtdev1:armhf                                 install
    libmtp-common                                   install
    libmtp9:armhf                                   install
    libmwaw-0.3-3                                   install
    libmythes-1.2-0                                 install
    libncurses5:armhf                               install
    libncursesw5:armhf                              install
    libneon27-gnutls                                install
    libnettle4:armhf                                install
    libnewt0.52:armhf                               install
    libnfnetlink0:armhf                             install
    libnfsidmap2:armhf                              install
    libnih-dbus1                                    install
    libnih1                                         install
    libnl-3-200:armhf                               install
    libnl-genl-3-200:armhf                          install
    libnotify4:armhf                                install
    libnspr4:armhf                                  install
    libnss-mdns:armhf                               install
    libnss3:armhf                                   install
    libntdb1:armhf                                  install
    libobrender29                                   install
    libobt2                                         install
    libodfgen-0.1-1                                 install
    libofa0                                         install
    libogg0:armhf                                   install
    libopenal-data                                  install
    libopenal1:armhf                                install
    libopencv-calib3d2.4:armhf                      install
    libopencv-contrib2.4:armhf                      install
    libopencv-core2.4:armhf                         install
    libopencv-features2d2.4:armhf                   install
    libopencv-flann2.4:armhf                        install
    libopencv-highgui2.4:armhf                      install
    libopencv-imgproc2.4:armhf                      install
    libopencv-legacy2.4:armhf                       install
    libopencv-ml2.4:armhf                           install
    libopencv-objdetect2.4:armhf                    install
    libopencv-video2.4:armhf                        install
    libopenexr6:armhf                               install
    libopenjpeg5:armhf                              install
    libopts25:armhf                                 install
    libopus0:armhf                                  install
    liborc-0.4-0:armhf                              install
    liborcus-0.8-0                                  install
    libow-2.9-8:armhf                               install
    libp11-kit0:armhf                               install
    libpackage-constants-perl                       install
    libpackagekit-glib2-18:armhf                    install
    libpam-modules:armhf                            install
    libpam-modules-bin                              install
    libpam-runtime                                  install
    libpam-systemd:armhf                            install
    libpam0g:armhf                                  install
    libpango-1.0-0:armhf                            install
    libpango1.0-0:armhf                             install
    libpangocairo-1.0-0:armhf                       install
    libpangoft2-1.0-0:armhf                         install
    libpangox-1.0-0:armhf                           install
    libpangoxft-1.0-0:armhf                         install
    libparams-util-perl                             install
    libparted2:armhf                                install
    libpciaccess0:armhf                             install
    libpcre3:armhf                                  install
    libpcsclite1:armhf                              install
    libpipeline1:armhf                              install
    libpisock9                                      install
    libpixman-1-0:armhf                             install
    libplist2:armhf                                 install
    libpng12-0:armhf                                install
    libpng12-dev:armhf                              install
    libpod-latex-perl                               install
    libpod-readme-perl                              install
    libpolkit-agent-1-0:armhf                       install
    libpolkit-backend-1-0:armhf                     install
    libpolkit-gobject-1-0:armhf                     install
    libpoppler46:armhf                              install
    libpopt0:armhf                                  install
    libportaudio2:armhf                             install
    libportmidi0                                    install
    libprocps3:armhf                                install
    libproxy1:armhf                                 install
    libpsl0:armhf                                   install
    libpth20:armhf                                  install
    libpulse0:armhf                                 install
    libpulsedsp:armhf                               install
    libpython-dev:armhf                             install
    libpython-stdlib:armhf                          install
    libpython2.7:armhf                              install
    libpython2.7-dev:armhf                          install
    libpython2.7-minimal:armhf                      install
    libpython2.7-stdlib:armhf                       install
    libpython3-dev:armhf                            install
    libpython3-stdlib:armhf                         install
    libpython3.4:armhf                              install
    libpython3.4-dev:armhf                          install
    libpython3.4-minimal:armhf                      install
    libpython3.4-stdlib:armhf                       install
    libqscintilla2-11                               install
    libqscintilla2-l10n                             install
    libqt4-dbus:armhf                               install
    libqt4-network:armhf                            install
    libqt4-xml:armhf                                install
    libqt4-xmlpatterns:armhf                        install
    libqtcore4:armhf                                install
    libqtdbus4:armhf                                install
    libqtgui4:armhf                                 install
    libqtwebkit4:armhf                              install
    libraptor2-0:armhf                              install
    libraspberrypi-bin                              install
    libraspberrypi-dev                              install
    libraspberrypi-doc                              install
    libraspberrypi0                                 install
    librasqal3:armhf                                install
    libraw1394-11:armhf                             install
    librdf0:armhf                                   install
    libreadline6:armhf                              install
    libregexp-common-perl                           install
    libreoffice                                     install
    libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer           install
    libreoffice-base                                install
    libreoffice-base-core                           install
    libreoffice-base-drivers                        install
    libreoffice-calc                                install
    libreoffice-common                              install
    libreoffice-core                                install
    libreoffice-draw                                install
    libreoffice-gtk                                 install
    libreoffice-impress                             install
    libreoffice-java-common                         install
    libreoffice-math                                install
    libreoffice-report-builder-bin                  install
    libreoffice-sdbc-hsqldb                         install
    libreoffice-style-galaxy                        install
    libreoffice-writer                              install
    librest-0.7-0:armhf                             install
    librevenge-0.0-0                                install
    librsvg2-2:armhf                                install
    librsvg2-common:armhf                           install
    librtimulib-dev                                 install
    librtimulib-utils                               install
    librtimulib7                                    install
    librtmp1:armhf                                  install
    libruby1.9.1                                    install
    libruby1.9.1-dbg                                install
    libruby2.1:armhf                                install
    libsamplerate0:armhf                            install
    libsasl2-2:armhf                                install
    libsasl2-modules:armhf                          install
    libsasl2-modules-db:armhf                       install
    libsbc1:armhf                                   install
    libschroedinger-1.0-0:armhf                     install
    libscsynth1                                     install
    libsdl-image1.2:armhf                           install
    libsdl-mixer1.2:armhf                           install
    libsdl-ttf2.0-0:armhf                           install
    libsdl1.2debian:armhf                           install
    libsecret-1-0:armhf                             install
    libsecret-common                                install
    libselinux1:armhf                               install
    libsemanage-common                              install
    libsemanage1:armhf                              install
    libsepol1:armhf                                 install
    libservlet2.5-java                              install
    libsgutils2-2                                   install
    libshout3:armhf                                 install
    libsigc++-1.2-5c2                               install
    libsigc++-2.0-0c2a:armhf                        install
    libslang2:armhf                                 install
    libsm6:armhf                                    install
    libsmartcols1:armhf                             install
    libsmbclient:armhf                              install
    libsndfile1:armhf                               install
    libsoftware-license-perl                        install
    libsoundtouch0:armhf                            install
    libsoup-gnome2.4-1:armhf                        install
    libsoup2.4-1:armhf                              install
    libspandsp2:armhf                               install
    libspeex1:armhf                                 install
    libspeexdsp1:armhf                              install
    libsqlite3-0:armhf                              install
    libsrtp0                                        install
    libss2:armhf                                    install
    libssh-4:armhf                                  install
    libssh2-1:armhf                                 install
    libssl1.0.0:armhf                               install
    libstartup-notification0:armhf                  install
    libstdc++-4.9-dev:armhf                         install
    libstdc++6:armhf                                install
    libsub-exporter-perl                            install
    libsub-install-perl                             install
    libswscale3:armhf                               install
    libsysfs2:armhf                                 install
    libsystemd0:armhf                               install
    libtag1-vanilla:armhf                           install
    libtag1c2a:armhf                                install
    libtalloc2:armhf                                install
    libtasn1-6:armhf                                install
    libtcl8.5:armhf                                 install
    libtcl8.6:armhf                                 install
    libtcltk-ruby1.9.1                              install
    libtdb1:armhf                                   install
    libterm-ui-perl                                 install
    libtevent0:armhf                                install
    libtext-charwidth-perl                          install
    libtext-iconv-perl                              install
    libtext-soundex-perl                            install
    libtext-template-perl                           install
    libtext-wrapi18n-perl                           install
    libthai-data                                    install
    libthai0:armhf                                  install
    libtheora0:armhf                                install
    libtiff5:armhf                                  install
    libtimedate-perl                                install
    libtinfo5:armhf                                 install
    libtirpc1:armhf                                 install
    libtk8.5:armhf                                  install
    libtk8.6:armhf                                  install
    libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:armhf                         install
    libubsan0:armhf                                 install
    libudev0:armhf                                  install
    libudev1:armhf                                  install
    libudisks2-0:armhf                              install
    libusb-0.1-4:armhf                              install
    libusb-1.0-0:armhf                              install
    libusbmuxd2:armhf                               install
    libustr-1.0-1:armhf                             install
    libuuid1:armhf                                  install
    libv4l-0:armhf                                  install
    libv4l2rds0:armhf                               install
    libv4lconvert0:armhf                            install
    libv8-3.14.5                                    install
    libva1:armhf                                    install
    libvdpau1:armhf                                 install
    libvisio-0.1-1                                  install
    libvisual-0.4-0:armhf                           install
    libvisual-0.4-plugins:armhf                     install
    libvo-aacenc0:armhf                             install
    libvo-amrwbenc0:armhf                           install
    libvorbis0a:armhf                               install
    libvorbisenc2:armhf                             install
    libvorbisfile3:armhf                            install
    libvpx1:armhf                                   install
    libvte-common                                   install
    libvte9                                         install
    libwavpack1:armhf                               install
    libwayland-client0:armhf                        install
    libwayland-cursor0:armhf                        install
    libwayland-server0:armhf                        install
    libwbclient0:armhf                              install
    libwebkitgtk-3.0-0:armhf                        install
    libwebkitgtk-3.0-common                         install
    libwebp5:armhf                                  install
    libwebpdemux1:armhf                             install
    libwebpmux1:armhf                               install
    libwebrtc-audio-processing-0:armhf              install
    libwildmidi-config                              install
    libwildmidi1:armhf                              install
    libwnck-3-0:armhf                               install
    libwnck-3-common                                install
    libwnck-common                                  install
    libwnck22                                       install
    libwpd-0.10-10                                  install
    libwpg-0.3-3                                    install
    libwps-0.3-3                                    install
    libwrap0:armhf                                  install
    libx11-6:armhf                                  install
    libx11-data                                     install
    libx11-xcb1:armhf                               install
    libx264-142:armhf                               install
    libxapian22                                     install
    libxau6:armhf                                   install
    libxaw7:armhf                                   install
    libxcb-dri2-0:armhf                             install
    libxcb-dri3-0:armhf                             install
    libxcb-glx0:armhf                               install
    libxcb-present0:armhf                           install
    libxcb-render0:armhf                            install
    libxcb-shape0:armhf                             install
    libxcb-shm0:armhf                               install
    libxcb-sync1:armhf                              install
    libxcb-util0:armhf                              install
    libxcb-xfixes0:armhf                            install
    libxcb1:armhf                                   install
    libxcomposite1:armhf                            install
    libxcursor1:armhf                               install
    libxdamage1:armhf                               install
    libxdmcp6:armhf                                 install
    libxext6:armhf                                  install
    libxfce4util-bin                                install
    libxfce4util-common                             install
    libxfce4util6                                   install
    libxfconf-0-2                                   install
    libxfixes3:armhf                                install
    libxfont1:armhf                                 install
    libxft2:armhf                                   install
    libxi6:armhf                                    install
    libxinerama1:armhf                              install
    libxkbcommon0:armhf                             install
    libxkbfile1:armhf                               install
    libxklavier16                                   install
    libxm4:armhf                                    install
    libxml2:armhf                                   install
    libxmu6:armhf                                   install
    libxmuu1:armhf                                  install
    libxpm4:armhf                                   install
    libxrandr2:armhf                                install
    libxrender1:armhf                               install
    libxres1:armhf                                  install
    libxshmfence1:armhf                             install
    libxslt1.1:armhf                                install
    libxss1:armhf                                   install
    libxt6:armhf                                    install
    libxtables10                                    install
    libxtst6:armhf                                  install
    libxv1:armhf                                    install
    libxvidcore4:armhf                              install
    libxxf86dga1:armhf                              install
    libxxf86vm1:armhf                               install
    libyajl2:armhf                                  install
    libyaml-0-2:armhf                               install
    libzbar0                                        install
    lightdm                                         install
    lightdm-gtk-greeter                             install
    linux-libc-dev:armhf                            install
    locales                                         install
    login                                           install
    logrotate                                       install
    lp-solve                                        install
    lsb-base                                        install
    lsb-release                                     install
    lua5.1                                          install
    luajit                                          install
    lxappearance                                    install
    lxappearance-obconf                             install
    lxde                                            install
    lxde-common                                     install
    lxde-core                                       install
    lxde-icon-theme                                 install
    lxinput                                         install
    lxkeymap                                        install
    lxmenu-data                                     install
    lxpanel                                         install
    lxpanel-data                                    install
    lxrandr                                         install
    lxsession                                       install
    lxtask                                          install
    lxterminal                                      install
    make                                            install
    makedev                                         install
    man-db                                          install
    manpages                                        install
    manpages-dev                                    install
    mawk                                            install
    menu-xdg                                        install
    mime-support                                    install
    minecraft-pi                                    install
    module-init-tools                               install
    mount                                           install
    mountall                                        install
    multiarch-support                               install
    nano                                            install
    ncdu                                            install
    ncurses-base                                    install
    ncurses-bin                                     install
    ncurses-term                                    install
    net-tools                                       install
    netbase                                         install
    netcat-openbsd                                  install
    netcat-traditional                              install
    netsurf-common                                  install
    netsurf-gtk                                     install
    nfs-common                                      install
    nodejs                                          install
    nodejs-legacy                                   install
    nodered                                         install
    ntfs-3g                                         install
    ntp                                             install
    nuscratch                                       install
    omxplayer                                       install
    openbox                                         install
    openresolv                                      install
    openssh-client                                  install
    openssh-server                                  install
    openssh-sftp-server                             install
    openssl                                         install
    oracle-java8-jdk                                install
    owfs-common                                     install
    packagekit                                      install
    parted                                          install
    passwd                                          install
    patch                                           install
    pcmanfm                                         install
    penguinspuzzle                                  install
    perl                                            install
    perl-base                                       install
    perl-modules                                    install
    pi-bluetooth                                    install
    pi-package                                      install
    pi-package-data                                 install
    pi-package-session                              install
    piclone                                         install
    pigpio                                          install
    pimixer                                         install
    pinentry-gtk2                                   install
    pipanel                                         install
    pishutdown                                      install
    pkg-config                                      install
    plymouth                                        install
    policykit-1                                     install
    poppler-data                                    install
    poppler-utils                                   install
    powermgmt-base                                  install
    procps                                          install
    psmisc                                          install
    pulseaudio                                      install
    pulseaudio-module-bluetooth                     install
    pulseaudio-module-x11                           install
    pulseaudio-utils                                install
    pypy                                            install
    pypy-lib                                        install
    python                                          install
    python-apt                                      install
    python-apt-common                               install
    python-cairo                                    install
    python-chardet                                  install
    python-colorama                                 install
    python-dbus                                     install
    python-dbus-dev                                 install
    python-dev                                      install
    python-distlib                                  install
    python-gi                                       install
    python-gobject                                  install
    python-gobject-2                                install
    python-gpiozero                                 install
    python-gtk2                                     install
    python-html5lib                                 install
    python-minecraftpi                              install
    python-minimal                                  install
    python-ndg-httpsclient                          install
    python-numpy                                    install
    python-openssl                                  install
    python-ow                                       install
    python-picamera                                 install
    python-pifacecommon                             install
    python-pifacedigitalio                          install
    python-pigpio                                   install
    python-pil:armhf                                install
    python-pip                                      install
    python-pkg-resources                            install
    python-pyasn1                                   install
    python-pygame                                   install
    python-requests                                 install
    python-rpi.gpio                                 install
    python-rtimulib                                 install
    python-sense-hat                                install
    python-serial                                   install
    python-setuptools                               install
    python-six                                      install
    python-support                                  install
    python-talloc                                   install
    python-tk                                       install
    python-urllib3                                  install
    python-wheel                                    install
    python-xklavier                                 install
    python2.7                                       install
    python2.7-dev                                   install
    python2.7-minimal                               install
    python3                                         install
    python3-apt                                     install
    python3-chardet                                 install
    python3-colorama                                install
    python3-debian                                  install
    python3-dev                                     install
    python3-distlib                                 install
    python3-gpiozero                                install
    python3-html5lib                                install
    python3-minecraftpi                             install
    python3-minimal                                 install
    python3-numpy                                   install
    python3-pgzero                                  install
    python3-picamera                                install
    python3-pifacecommon                            install
    python3-pifacedigital-scratch-handler           install
    python3-pifacedigitalio                         install
    python3-pigpio                                  install
    python3-pil:armhf                               install
    python3-pip                                     install
    python3-pkg-resources                           install
    python3-pygame                                  install
    python3-requests                                install
    python3-rpi.gpio                                install
    python3-rtimulib                                install
    python3-sense-hat                               install
    python3-serial                                  install
    python3-setuptools                              install
    python3-six                                     install
    python3-tk                                      install
    python3-uno                                     install
    python3-urllib3                                 install
    python3-wheel                                   install
    python3.4                                       install
    python3.4-dev                                   install
    python3.4-minimal                               install
    qdbus                                           install
    qjackctl                                        install
    qtchooser                                       install
    qtcore4-l10n                                    install
    raspberrypi-artwork                             install
    raspberrypi-bootloader                          install
    raspberrypi-kernel                              install
    raspberrypi-net-mods                            install
    raspberrypi-sys-mods                            install
    raspberrypi-ui-mods                             install
    raspbian-archive-keyring                        install
    raspi-config                                    install
    raspi-copies-and-fills                          install
    raspi-gpio                                      install
    rc-gui                                          install
    readline-common                                 install
    rename                                          install
    ri1.9.1                                         install
    rpcbind                                         install
    rpi-update                                      install
    rsync                                           install
    rsyslog                                         install
    rtkit                                           install
    ruby                                            install
    ruby1.9.1                                       install
    ruby1.9.1-dev                                   install
    ruby1.9.1-examples                              install
    ruby1.9.1-full                                  install
    ruby1.9.3                                       install
    ruby2.1                                         install
    rubygems-integration                            install
    samba-common                                    install
    samba-libs:armhf                                install
    scratch                                         install
    scrot                                           install
    sed                                             install
    sense-hat                                       install
    sensible-utils                                  install
    sgml-base                                       install
    shared-mime-info                                install
    smartsim                                        install
    sonic-pi                                        install
    squeak-plugins-scratch                          install
    squeak-vm                                       install
    ssh                                             install
    startpar                                        install
    strace                                          install
    sudo                                            install
    supercollider                                   install
    supercollider-common                            install
    supercollider-ide                               install
    supercollider-language                          install
    supercollider-server                            install
    supercollider-supernova                         install
    systemd                                         install
    systemd-sysv                                    install
    sysv-rc                                         install
    sysvinit-utils                                  install
    tar                                             install
    tasksel                                         install
    tasksel-data                                    install
    tcl8.5                                          install
    tcpd                                            install
    timidity                                        install
    tk8.5                                           install
    tk8.6-blt2.5                                    install
    traceroute                                      install
    tree                                            install
    triggerhappy                                    install
    tzdata                                          install
    ucf                                             install
    udev                                            install
    udisks                                          install
    udisks2                                         install
    uno-libs3                                       install
    unzip                                           install
    ure                                             install
    usb-modeswitch                                  install
    usb-modeswitch-data                             install
    usbutils                                        install
    util-linux                                      install
    v4l-utils                                       install
    va-driver-all:armhf                             install
    vdpau-va-driver:armhf                           install
    vim-common                                      install
    vim-tiny                                        install
    wget                                            install
    whiptail                                        install
    wireless-regdb                                  install
    wireless-tools                                  install
    wiringpi                                        install
    wolfram-engine                                  install
    wpasupplicant                                   install
    x11-common                                      install
    x11-utils                                       install
    x11-xkb-utils                                   install
    x11-xserver-utils                               install
    x2x                                             install
    xarchiver                                       install
    xauth                                           install
    xcompmgr                                        install
    xdg-user-dirs                                   install
    xdg-utils                                       install
    xfconf                                          install
    xfonts-100dpi                                   install
    xfonts-encodings                                install
    xfonts-utils                                    install
    xinit                                           install
    xkb-data                                        install
    xml-core                                        install
    xpdf                                            install
    xserver-common                                  install
    xserver-xorg                                    install
    xserver-xorg-core                               install
    xserver-xorg-input-all                          install
    xserver-xorg-input-evdev                        install
    xserver-xorg-input-synaptics                    install
    xserver-xorg-video-fbdev                        install
    xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo                      install
    xz-utils                                        install
    zenity                                          install
    zenity-common                                   install
    zlib1g:armhf                                    install
    zlib1g-dev:armhf                                install

  • ..and here is what happens when I run /opt/evok/

    pi@unipi:/opt/evok $ sudo python /opt/evok/
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/opt/evok/", line 545, in <module>
      File "/opt/evok/", line 487, in main
      File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/tornado/", line 126, in listen
        sockets = bind_sockets(port, address=address)
      File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/tornado/", line 196, in bind_sockets
      File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 224, in meth
        return getattr(self._sock,name)(*args)
    socket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use

    as you see I am still trying out things, but still don't get where to search. I hope to hear from you next week, tomas

  • socket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use Means that there is already a service running under the port defined in /etc/evok.conf Make sure that evok or any other application is not running (service evok stop)

  • @philipp
    Do you use the latest Raspbian Jessie image?

    In my case, i had to reinstall the pigpio libary.
    If you want to try it, visit the developers download-page