Mervis HMI Emulation

  • Dear forum members,

    I'm trying to get a PLC with HMI emulated so I can work on it without requiring direct access to the PLC to which I in a later stage plan to deploy it.

    To this end, I'm trying to use the Windows RT as PLC, and trying to set up a terminal so I can preview the HMI for that terminal... such as is explained in the Mervis Instruction Manual on the page "Terminal menu definition". However upon creating a new terminal, the dropdown menu only provides one option: Mervis SCADA. This terminal type doesn't allow for graphical HMI templates to be attached to it...

    Could someone please advise me how to get to the goal: emulation of HMI.. if TwinCAT can do it, why wouldn't it be possible in Mervis? ;)

    thanks in advance!

  • I would like to do this to, but I believe it is not currently possible because the windows RT lacks the fastcgi layer in order to support HMI.

    Are you able to get Windows RT working at all to simulate unipi devices? I managed to connect to it but then didn't really understand what I needed to do if I just wanted to play about with logic blocks without requiring a unipi device connected.

  • Hi Robl,

    Yes, the Mervis Windows RT works pretty much out of the box. You can start the service after which in Mervis IDE by UDP broadcast it will be detected on the pseudo-ethernet interface. From there on you can use it to execute programs deployed to it. I'm not sure about what you mean by emulating a specific unipi device but the idea is that you can write, deploy and debug your programs with it, using user defined input and output values for (global) variables you make yourself. When everything is working as you want the only thing you need to do is get an actual PLC, attach it to the solution and map the hardware I/Os to the (global) variables you have defined in your program. Only thing is it would be really helpful to have a functional HMI as part of the debugging process...

    So, anyone? Can this be done?

  • So is there really no possibility to do this in Mervis? Stays a bit quiet...

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    Hello @sam,
    emulation of the HMI is not possible, since it would require installation of the webserver and fastcgi service, which is now available only for GNU/Linux operating system.

    Best regards,

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