Alias on 1-wire fails

  • Hi,

    I'm on raspbian stretch and evok 2.0.7. When I try to use the web interface to set an alias on a 1-wire temperature sensor, I get a JS-alert saying:

    Operation failed with the following error: set() got an unexpected keyword argument 'alias'

    Any way I could set an alias in the evok.conf file?


  • Hi @alydersen,

    Unfortunately setting an alias on 1Wire sensors (though not 1Wire extensions, which is why the option of aliasing 1Wire devices exists in the first place) is not possible, as they are detected dynamically, and lack proper device names which could be aliased in the first place.

    This is not the first request for this feature, but right now we unfortunately have no plans of adding it. The solution I would recommend to you is to rename the device in your client website/application instead.

  • Thanks @TomasKnot. On setting aliases on other ports there seems to be an evok-alias.yaml file, but I can't seem to find any documentation on that. I would really like to have the alias survive a reinstall, so that yaml file would be handy. Any docs you could point me in in the direction of?

  • Hi @alydersen,

    The format is quite simple; you can use the GUI to set the alias to test it out. The alias is url-encoded in the following manner:

    • spaces are converted into underscores
    • an al_ prefix is prepended to the alias
    • other url-invalid characters are not allowed

    The web GUI then performs the reverse of this process.

    In particular, the prefix must be


    exactly in order for the alias to be accepted.

  • For anybody else looking for the evok-alias.yaml file, I found it under /var/evok/evok-alias.yaml


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