RTC - UniPian - Codesys

  • Hi all,

    As the Neuron has a RTC, do you need to configure anything on the UniPian or is everything already set-up?

    Is there a specific procedure to follow to change the system-time?

    What is your preferred method to read/out and use the RTC in a PLC program using Codesys. (I need it for a function that only runs between 0-20minutes of 16hours a day, for instance) -> I made a program like this before that ran on the Raspberry, but I'm sure it can be easier...

    I will share the code tomorrow of what I had so far. Thank you.

  • CODESYS for Raspberry Pi uses the underlying Raspbian (UniPian) operating system to access the RTC. The library DTUtils provides the utilities to access time and date from within CODESYS.

  • Thx, it's working now.

  • Sharing the way I solved it, feel free to comment.


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