Access to variables from another PLC

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    @CKB this is caused by a bug in the Mervis RunTime, which should have been fixed in the IDE I sent you, but unfortunately not :( We expect to make an official release within a few weeks where this issue is fixed for sure - tested today with @Giamba (THX!) If anyone has the same issue, I can send a pre-release of the new IDE, but I cannot guarantee 100% functionality since not all features have been tested - but the SSCP is fixed.

  • Hi Tomas, can you share the pre-released IDE with the fixed SSCP please?

  • Hi, did it work for Giamba? It still doesn't work for me even with the new IDE.. :/

  • Hi CKB.
    Yes it's ok for me now. Tested with example and with my project.

  • Hi Tomas, just FYI - Giamba was so nice to help me in a short teamviewer session. It works now fir his example project. Will transfer it to my solution later on :)

  • Am I to understand from this thread that SSCP communications between UniPi devices is broken in the released software? How long until a fix is released? I am having the same problem described above and need to get my devices talking to each other.

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    @mdturnerphys Hopefully the next release will be published within a few weeks in the meantime, you can create Modbus TCP connection between those two units

  • @tomas_hora Is there documentation or an example project available? I need to communicate an int between the two devices.

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    @mdturnerphys Unfortunately no. But for example, you will need to create a Server channel on one side (A) select port different than 502 and map your variables to holding/input registers/coils so you can read and write to them from the other (B) side. You can map the variables to Units for example 0-10 (if you need more, just map it as you wish). On the other side just create a custom device on Modbus TCP channel (B), set the IP address and port of the (A). Then on (B) create a read group with starting register 0 and 10 number of registers and map the variables from (A) to data points (create datapoint by right click, assign read group...). Check F1 help of Mervis for 'Modbus' there is a nice explanation. You can also check eg. the Inepro example project from our downloads section.

  • @tomas_hora Any updates on when the SSCP fix will be released?

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    @mdturnerphys Sure! We expect to release the new Mervis IDE and required tutorials on our new knowledge base this Friday.

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