Working config for s103-g+xs50 or sample for fhem

  • Hi
    is anyone use fhem 5.8 whit neuron s103-g or the xs50
    and have a working config for alle the relays / dig in / dig out / 1wire
    and has the desire to provide that.


  • administrators

    Hello @unix,

    Last week we contacted Klaus Wittstock regarding the implementation of FHEM for Neurons - he is willing to do that. But if you are also interested, you could help him with testing.

    However the development has not started yet so if you are in rush, you can use the TCP Modbus to access the IOs and a standard Modbus RTU to access the xS50. 1Wire is done via the I2C DS2482 cip

  • HI
    yes thats no prob i have time and my test work is allways online
    alt text

    but hope another user use fhem and have beginn the work.
    yes the 1wire run but little scary i use 18 sensors 16 x DS18B20 and 2 from unica
    but owserver have once all sensors another second 0 sensors and another sec. and so on

    my owserverconf lokks like :

    ! server: server =
    device = /dev/i2c-1
    server: i2c = /dev/i2c-1:ALL
    server: port = 4304

    but realy unstable on sensor detect.
    evok have no problem to detect all sensors only the unica is detect but no data in webui :smirk:

    Sensor DS2438 - 2620531402000075   N/A


  • Hello,

    I tried to connect an NeuronxS10 via Modbus RTU to fhem and get it now working. That means I can switch the relay 1 to 8 and can read all DI.
    I use coils to read and write. Here is my code from fhem if anyone wants to try it:

    #Neuron xS10
    define NeuronModbus Modbus /dev/ttyUSB0@19200,8,N,1
    define NeuronRO ModbusAttr 15 30 RTU
    attr NeuronRO IODev NeuronModbus
    attr NeuronRO dev-c-combine 8
    attr NeuronRO dev-c-defPoll 1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c0-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c0-reading RO1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c0-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO1
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c1-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c1-reading RO2
    attr NeuronRO obj-c1-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO2
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO2
    attr NeuronRO obj-c2-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c2-reading RO3
    attr NeuronRO obj-c2-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO3
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO3
    attr NeuronRO obj-c3-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c3-reading RO4
    attr NeuronRO obj-c3-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO4
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO4
    attr NeuronRO obj-c4-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c4-reading RO5
    attr NeuronRO obj-c4-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO5
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO5
    attr NeuronRO obj-c5-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c5-reading RO6
    attr NeuronRO obj-c5-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO6
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO6
    attr NeuronRO obj-c6-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c6-reading RO7
    attr NeuronRO obj-c6-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO7
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO7
    attr NeuronRO obj-c7-hint 0,1
    attr NeuronRO obj-c7-reading RO8
    attr NeuronRO obj-c7-set 1
    attr NeuronRO stateFormat RO8
    attr NeuronRO webCmd RO8
    define NeuronDI ModbusAttr 15 1 RTU
    attr NeuronDI IODev NeuronModbus
    attr NeuronDI dev-c-combine 8
    attr NeuronDI dev-c-defPoll 1
    attr NeuronDI obj-c8-reading DI1
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI1
    attr NeuronDI obj-c9-reading DI2
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI2
    attr NeuronDI obj-c10-reading DI3
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI3
    attr NeuronDI obj-c11-reading DI4
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI4
    attr NeuronDI obj-c12-reading DI5
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI5
    attr NeuronDI obj-c13-reading DI6
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI6
    attr NeuronDI obj-c14-reading DI7
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI7
    attr NeuronDI obj-c15-reading DI8
    attr NeuronDI stateFormat DI8


  • The Modul which can be used to access an Neuron device via Websocket and JSON will be delivered by FHEMs update function.

    define neuron Neuron <IP-Address>
    attr neuron connection websockets

    For each Port an device will be created automatically in the room "NeuronPin"
    The version is still Beta but works quite stable.

    I'm not very often here (unipi forum).
    If there are any questions please ask in FHEM forum (and send me an PM, username: klausw).

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