Update / Upgrade background Linux of unipian

  • hello,
    your unipian version is now 1 y old, raspbian are some times upgradet and bugfixed. are there an Update for unipian possible next weeks?
    it was time 4 an update

  • administrators

    Hello @devien,

    thanks for the report. We will take a look at it at the next release. But you should be safe to do apt-get update & upgrade after mounting the FS as read-write (mount -o remount, rw /)

  • last time i ve tested apt-get update & upgrade the unipian doesnt startet, only a new setup with old unipian bring the system back up and running.

  • will an apt-get dist-upgrade get problems ?

  • It may; our FHEM implementation relies on external code, and as such we cannot guarantee it will not. There have been some very significant changes in the design of Raspbian since then (entirely new network stack, device overlays, sysVinit replaced with systemd, etc.).

    As is the case with all production Linux systems, updating should be done cautiously and with the knowledge that things may break or require manual fixing. This is even one of the primary motivations for the version-based distribution release system, rather than automatic updates as practiced on OS X and Windows.

    We will try to create an updated image at some point, but it is not a trivial thing to do.

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