Missing Library Boxes

  • Hi,

    After searching in help i've found some boxes that i would like to use in my project such as the T41. When i try to add it, it doesn't show in the list despite having the library in the references (in this case Lib.Hvac). I've searched through files.unipy.technology but i was unable to find another version of this library.

    What am i doing wrong?


  • administrators

    @n1lp0int3r These function blocks have been removed long time ago but the help related to it was left by mistake in the help... The plan is to rewrite the help and also all the function block around power measurements and provide them in a new library.

  • Oh ok, thanks.

  • Btw, i was trying to implement the same function but i'm getting a hard time understanding how the ST language works. Is the any ST language documentation besides the one on help?

    For example i'm having a issue (probably related to includes) where i'm trying to use Lib.Core.V1_0.B99_PCTimeNode.Wday and i get the message the variable 'Wday' can't be accessed from the current scope.


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