EMO-R8 with Mervis does not work

  • Hi,

    could you please have a look at my configuration? Every time I connect one EMO-R8 to the unipi it creates a fault - so that relays will change to red in debug mode and unipi stops any switching activities.

    I set the one and only EMO-R8 to this parameters within Mervis:

    The jumper on the extension board is configured to
    A0=1 => 33 Dec

    Where's the fault?


  • No idea?

  • administrators

    @CKB Did you power-cycle the EMO-R8 after the address is set? Do you have the possibility to connect to the ssh of UniPi? If yes, user is root and password is unipi

    Then issue the following command while the EMO-R8 is connected and paste the output here, please.

    i2cdetect -y 1

    There might also be an issue with the cable but all cables are tested before shipment..

  • @tomas_hora

    here it is: 0_1499872688381_upload-47522c44-3960-4042-b54e-4e14b56649f4

  • administrators

    @CKB Have you tried multiple times if it is always like this? And how does it look when EMO-R8 is disconnected? Do you have the possibility to check the I2C cable or make a new one?

  • @tomas_hora

    Hi Tomas,

    I found the fault- a Rj12 cable was defect. I connected all my I2C devices stepwise in debug mode and I could see when the relays changed from grey to red background colour. Crazy...I thought that these kind of production faults don't exist nowadays...
    Can you send me a new one?


  • administrators

    @CKB Please contact us at our email with the link to this topic including your order number and also a picture of the QR code on EMO-R8 which included the bad cable and we will figure it out.

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