HMI Login does not work?

  • Hi folks,

    I'm trying to set up some security for my HMI, as I want to access it from WAN side. Unfortunately, when I follow the tutorial on youtube, setting Web User and Web Password has no effect on my HMI. I tried to re-upload my whole project, tried cold and warm restarts, nothing helps. Is there an option I overread?
    I found an thread, more than a year old, where they mentioned that the login function was buggy. Is it maybe until now?

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    @robert_n Maybe it is missing in the step by step guide but after you set the username and password for HMI in Controller Properties, you have to Upload web again and then perform a Cold restart (Right click on PLC -> PLC operation -> Reboot PLC -> Cold Restart)

    Please let me know if it worked

  • Thank you for your help, now it works. I had to try several times, mervis IDE told me that the controller application failed to start. After a while I found the option "Create boot project", that was probably the missing link. Do I have to cold start the controller now every time I change something in my application or my IDE in order to have the working login function?
    Further imho the login this way is not a really nice solution, because the whole HMI shown without values and it seems as the web application does not work well. A separate login screen would look much better.

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