Dead on arrival?

  • Hi!

    I've been testing with my neuron L203 for a few days when I had some time, and it seems that after many attempt, the complete RUN2 section seems to be dead? I've played around with Mervis and Node-RED and I just can't seem to activate any of the relays on this part of the board.

    The LED on RUN2 is blinking in a different way than RUN1 and RUN3. It skips every other blink and shows a slightly red LED instead. Didn't notice this odd blinking as I was so focused on staring to use this awesome device. Is there a way to check this on a lower level? I don't want to open the casing, as it would probably void my warranty.

    Video of the blinking right here:

    Hope to get a quick solution for this issue.

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    Hello @Jan-Teunis,

    you can try to run the neuron tcp server in verbose mode

    fisrt stop the service by:

    systemctl stop neurontcp

    and then run it by hand by

    /opt/neurontcp/neuron_tcp_server -p 502 -vv

    and paste the output here.

  • Hi Tomas,

    I have bought 4 neuron L503 as I need them for my project and I have the same problem. It seems that module 2 does not work ok.
    When I run neuron_tcp_server manually the output is:

    pi@neuron02:~ $ sudo /opt/neurontcp/neuron_tcp_server -p 502 -vv
    Board on /dev/spidev0.1 firmware=5.0  hardware=0.16 (B-1000-1)
    pi@neuron02:~ $

  • Hey @tomas_hora ,

    This is the output that I got :

    Board on /dev/spidev0.1 firmware=5.0  hardware=0.16 (B-1000-1)
    Board on /dev/spidev0.3 firmware=5.0  hardware=8.16 (E-16Di-1_U-14Ro-1)
    Board on /dev/spidev0.2 firmware=5.0  hardware=8.16 (E-16Di-1_U-14Ro-1)
    Board0 PTY0 /dev/pts/1
    Starting loop

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    @Jan-Teunis Than everything should be working well. The RUN led also indicates if there has been a recent communication with the group (1-3).