Cabling for 1-Wire extension to UNICA U1WTVS

  • Hi,

    I was trying to connect my Unica Sensor with the Unipi over a 1Wire expander. So I took an ethernet cable and tried every way to connect it with my sensor but sadly I haven't got it connected correctly that OWFS or FHEM shows any available data. I also tried the FHEM image from unipi to exclude any configuration issues.

    Can someone explain to me, which pins from the RJ45 plug I have to use on which connector of the sensor? Like "pin1 --> 5V, pin2 --> 1-W, pin3 --> AO, pin4 --> GND" or link the correct documentation for this. I've found several different docs for this with different solutions but none of them are working. A good doc for this would be very nice, maybe I just didn't found it online but I really tried a lot.

    Thank you very much and have a great day

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  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the reply. I already tried this in all ways thinkable.These would be the connections I already done:
    p6+p7 on 1-W
    p4+p5 on 5V
    p3 + p8 on GND

    I also tried with 1 cable each.

    After a successful connection, I could plug it in in the 1-Wire extender an after entering in the console owdir, I should see a new sensor, or not?
    At the moment I got the following:
    root@unipi:~# owdir

    I already have connected 4 temperature sensors, is this an issue? And how can I verify if the connection the the UNICA sensore is fine or at least if the sensor is broken?

    Thank you and best regards

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    @naibaF Have you tried connecting just one Sedtronic unica sensor directly to UniPi with proper connection from the previous link?

    You can of course connect temperature sensors and other sensors to the same network...

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