Decode api.cgi vars

  • Hi everybody,

    I'm developping my own web without HMI because I want to use Javascript/DOJO.
    Can you tell me how I can translate variables into readable values from api.cgi.
    eg. {"i": "svc://DefaultConnection/16[0,1]", "v": "00", "q": "good", "t": 636319187330000000},
    {"i": "svc://DefaultConnection/9178[0,4]", "v": "41B00000", "q": "good", "t": 636319187330000000}
    16 or 9178 in the "i" is the variable reference
    "q" is the quality I presume
    "t" is the timestamp
    but how to decode "v" in javascript

    Thanks in avance.

  • administrators

    Hello @Giamba, I have put the file on our downloads site under SW-Mervis-Documentation-WebPanel-HMI-Fastcgi-dataexchangeformats.pdf

    Hope it helps

  • Hi, thanks for the job.
    I found functions in UserJS that do the job:

    • parseRealFromHex
    • parseIntFromHex
    • parseValueFromHash
      Now I have to find how to provide the type to decode in the right way.
      I have to look in html5_shark.xsl to modify it


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