Digital Inputs I13 and I14 with RasPi 3

  • The P5 header is not connected to RasPi with the shipped UniPi to RasPi cable.
    What ist the best way to use I13 and I14 with RasPi 3?

    1. Is it possible open the 40 pin connector, insert 2 additional wires for GPIO 20 and 21 and close the connector again?
    2. Cut the 40pin connector in two pieces, throwing away the 14 unused pins. Connect P5 header with single wires.
    3. ???

    By the way: Is P01 internally connected with P02?

    Thank you in advance!

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    1. is the way to do it. Two connectors do not fit on the pin header. However be careful when opening the connector not to break it.

    Regarding the P01 and P02 - this depends on the confugiration of the JP 2-5 jumpers.

  • I opened the connector and wired GPIO21 and GPIO20 to P5 header pin 5 and 6. I measured the connections of the modified cable. They are good. But the RasPi doesn't recognize the input.

    1. Is it necessary to wire the P5 ground?

    2. Both of them(Pin 7 and 8)?

    3. What to do with P5 header pin 1-4?

    4. Is P5 header pin 1 really located at the bottom left oft unipi (power source connector up)?

    5. JP 2-5 are all switched to the labels for external power source. Are they connected then?

    Thanks a lot!

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    I have updated the wiki a little bit:,14

    Please check the pin numbering.

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