LED Dimmer

  • Hello UniPi Fans,

    I would like to dim 12V LEDs in my living room, possibly by using the 1Wire 8xSSR/R module.
    It takes 10ms for the SSRs to turn on/off. The ideal PWM frequency for dimming is above 200Hz.

    Am I on the right track?

    DMX Dimmers might be an alternative but I do not know how to link those to a Neuron L203.

    Thank you for your advice.

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    Unfortunately 1wire is not a way to go. It is too slow and the IC does not support pwm.

    If you are a little bit hw person, take a look at the 4ao/12pwm for i2c board.

    Btw the Neuron supports RS485 (Modbus) and there are many boards for dimming based on rs485.


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