evok doesn't work without a network connection

  • Hi,
    I'll use the UNIPI board in combination with evok without any network connection but when I separate the UNIPI board from my network I get the error message Network is unreachable.
    In my network everything works fine.
    I use the relay outputs and the digital input.
    Is there a way to use the UNIPI board with evok, or another API, on an island without any network connection?
    Kind regards

  • I've not had that problem, and my Unipi/Pi are regularly not on the network. Where do you see this error showing up? What effect does it have on your system?


  • There are some python scripts which report errors.
    For example socket.py and _core.py within the python 2.7 library.
    How did you config your PI?
    Did you setup a static IP address and if so where?


  • @coopi
    I cannot recall in detail, but I am connecting wirelessly to a router. The router runs dhcp, and therefore the Pi gets whatever address it is given. The router is often powered off, and when it powers back on the Pi can get a different address which makes it fun trying to find it again.

    On the pi, I'm running a Python program that reads the inputs and sets the outputs for controlling lights. As that's the only script I'm running, I do not see any errors when it's disconnected from the network. In the background, the evok script also runs, and when it's connected to the network I can access it using my phone and turn the relays on and off etc. but I never see the error you describe.


  • To get the digital input status i use a callback function in my python script.
    You wrote you read the input.
    Which function you use to read the digital input?

  • I found the problem.
    In one of the scripts I used the IP address which was assigned by the router before.
    I substituted it with the localhost address and all works fine.
    @Merv, thanks for your help!
    Kind regards

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