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  • Hello All,
    I would like to do small project of smart home. I have some questions, but I haven't found solution so I am asking.
    I am not big programmer, so I will use merlin sf.
    1)It is possible to control lights, but have lights working if UniPi is down? I have found memory relay, but than I dont know how to get information about state of light bulb. (Relay will be 230V. push button will be 230V, so I cant use digital input (I believe at least)).
    2) I would like to control outdoor blinds, which wires do you recommend? I think that some cat7 for signal to drive and maybe some another cat7 for magnetic contacts.

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    if you will choose Neuron, than it has such feature to control lights connected to Do/Ro by switch connected to Di. This feature does not rely on the program so you only need to configure it using Modbus. So if the RPi/your application is down and the UniPi Neuron has at least power, than you will still be able to switch lights even without the memory relays.

    If the blinds has some kind of low voltage signal for up and down, than cat7 is OK, however if you only control the blinds with 230V than using a contactor and appropriate CYKY cable is recommended.

  • Hello,
    thanks for answers.
    ad 1) I am not sure if this solution is robust enough to me. but it is good to know. Still my wife can kill me if no lights is working:) I think about to add some auxiliary relay to get information about state of primary relay, but it is 2x relay (outside UniPi) and 1xRo+2xDi so quite expensive.

    I have found another questions during the night.
    3) Is there any recommended light sensor to get S0 signal from electricity meter? I think knowledge about energy consumption is good to have. I have found whole solution , but is it overkill with UniPi board.

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    Do not worry, it is pretty robust :) The configuration is written into a nvram of the underlying ARM processor which takes care of the actions based on events on inputs thus.

    I remember the light sensors for the old blinking energy meters but I did not had a chance to try that.However if your energy meter has S0 output than you can connect it directly to Di. Or take a look at his one or his bigger brother

  • Hello,
    I have bought UNIPI home solution with pack (with mervis) and I am testing now. I found a small issue.

    I have external pover source (12v) to buttons which control external bistable relay(schrack RT424F12) switching hi power relay with 12V any 12V coil relay. I would like to get signal to digital input too. Because the power source is izolated I have no potential on DI so I didnt get any input. I am not sure where I should connect GND from external power source to get signal to DI. Internal 12v source works fine, but I would like to avoid single point of failure issue.

    Zkrátka rád bych jak jsem psal výše ovládal pomocí UNIPI pouze pomocné relé, které bude zároveň možno ovládat pomocí tlačítek (UNIPI bude pouze nadstavba). Externí zdroj, co má odtížit UNIPI je galvanicky izolovaný a DI nevidí žádný signál. Kde mohu spojit nulu, aniž bych to spálil?

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    Hello, see the wiki ( There is a simple schematics of doing that. But make sure to go through the documentation and set the jumpers properly!

  • thanks for quick answer and guidance
    After fast look into documentation, I have found that for all DI for external power source I have to switch all JP2 to JP5 to label side

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