Axon M505 - unable to detect or activate service mode

  • I have just pulled out an older Axon M505 v1.0 from storage which has not been used for some time - though we did have it running on a test bench perhaps 1 year ago.

    The unit powers up what looks to be ok and both RUN1 and RUN2 lights are flashing approximately 2 seconds on 2 seconds off.

    However the unit cannot be detected in Mervis.

    I have also tried to place the unit into service mode per the instructions here

    The unit does not go into service mode as described - the run lights just start flashing as per a normal startup.

    I have also tried the USB flash process per the above document - this also does not work - the run lights are the same.

    The unit is not available to ping or web interface on - nor any other IP on this range. I also tried the range as this is what it would have been configured on previously but also no detection to network scanning.

    The link lights are active on the ethernet port - so there is definitely a connection. I have tried it directly connected to a PC and also to a DHCP network. The unit does not obtain a DHCP lease.

    I have even tried scanning the entire range with no detection.

    Is there any way to get this unit running? Or is it dead?

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