Checking internet connection within mervis

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    I have two Unipi Neurons installed in a remote house, which is connected to the internet only by 4G wireless modem.
    I have openvpn based connection which I use to manage the Neurons and other network connected devices.

    The wireless modem die sometimes and then a power cycle is necessary.

    I want to lead the power via one of the Neurons relay and implement that logic in mervis.

    Please, can you recommend me how to attempt this? I don't know how to check the internet connection within mervis.

    Thank you very much.


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    Currently, the best way is to find out the availability of the Internet connection in the OS and then write this information to the ModbusTCP server. You can create a ModbusTCP server directly in the OS as a separate program or define it in Mervis.

    The subsequent logic for switching the relay on/off is already simple.

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  • @AVsetula

    Thank you for your answer, even it was not what I expected.

    The library of functions seems to be rather limited.

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