Is it possible to program UNIPI in Node-red and at the same time also in Mervis IDE?

  • Hello everyone,
    I am completely new to UNIPI systems (and to this forum). So, if my questions are basic (or in the wrong place), I would be more than happy if you could redirect me to the correct documentation where I can find my answers:

    1. Is it possible to program UNIPI units with Node-red and at the same time using the Mervis IDE with IEC-61131-3 structured text?

    2. If it is indeed possible can those two programs communicate with each other? Via some shared variable or some file?

    I am mainly asking this because programming in Mervis IDE and IEC-61131-3 is more “industry robust” and Node-red would be used only for Cloud communication.

    If my questions are too wide and the answers differ based on which UNIPI PLC I choose – I am currently thinking about NEURON, GATE and PATRON.

    Thank you in regards for any answers!
    Jakub Szlaur

  • Hello, Jakub, I have heard some rumors that There is a plan to implement paralel systems running on Unipi (especially Mervis + Node-red) to implement functionalities from Node-red with Mervis

    let´ s hope that will be true in near future

  • Wow that's interesting!

    In the meantime I will try to find any other way (for example Modbus TCP or some files).

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