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    I have also alarm problem. I use in Mervis alarm icon, but it wast'n change status between normal, active, active acknowledged...) Variable is BD56 SingleAlermMemoryDelay.


    Second problem is delay between controller and Mervis Scada. I have done blinking alarm indicator and It refreshin too slowly. Same thing with date and time variable.

    Thisn't helped;

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    Hi @L-E-F

    The alarm status on HMI is changed automatically according to block BD56.

    1. In the default quiet state, nothing can be affected.
    2. If an alarm is reported, it can be acknowledged.
    3. After the alarm ends, it can be reset in the memory to the state in point 1.

    The solution to your second query is simple: For a flashing state, use a GIF image as the mapped state.

    Antonín Všetula,
    Unipi technician

  • Thanks for your answer. I try a with GIF image and it working better and be visually better.

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