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    Me and my colleague are doing some latency measurements where we just send in an analog input from a function generator and then send out the same signal as output. The latency seems to be around 100 ms and more. Is this what we could count with when we use the Unipi 1.1? And if so, what is most probably the limiting factor? And lastly, is there any way to make it faster?

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    Hello @emomiilol

    What software do you use on the unit?
    This is probably a delay caused by the software and conversion of values in combination with communication with the chip on the Unipi board. In addition, both delay factors are manifested twice:

    input signal -> communication -> conversion -> program -> conversion -> communication -> output signal

    Antonín Všetula,
    Unipi technician

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    Hello @emomiilol ,

    can you please share a set of all SW you are using for this test with its configuration?

    The main reason can be the sampling rate of the A/D converter. For full resolution, there are 2-4 samples per second only. See excerpt from the MCP3422A0 datasheet:


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