How to delete variables and data on Mervis DB?

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    My project, still using v2.1.3, uses Mervis DB ( I have been experimenting/testing and now I have changed and renamed variables that I export to Mervis DB. I would like to delete all data and variables to start from a clean an empty db.

    Looking at the tutorials, I wanted to create a php script using the SOAP API to deletes all variables. I get stuck with an error even listing the variables... Before going further, I'd like to ask if the SOAP API works on the hosted mervis DB? What would be the easiest way to clean it up?

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  • As far as I know, this can only be done manually by the support team and they don't want to do it regularly. If you'll find the way to do this, please share your solution. I also have unused data points from testing phase of my project...

  • Thank you Petr. I only have a couple of variables in test, so not a big deal. If I find a way I'll update the thread...

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    Hello @lionel,
    as @Petr-Helebrant mentioned, this is currently possible only from our support. If you wish to remove some datapoints, please send the following to

    • Mervis DB username
    • Name of the PLC (a.k.a History Runtime Identification)
    • Name of the datapoints you wish to be removed

    Thank you for understanding and have a nice day,

  • @Martin-Kudláček said in How to delete variables and data on Mervis DB?:

    ...this is currently possible only from our support...

    Thank you Martin, I may contact the support at one point, but for now, it is not an issue. It is more a cosmetic thing...

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