measuring Temperature with AI

  • Dear Community,

    I'm new to unipi and mervis and put up and since I could solve my first problem that my second one ^^.
    History: After reading the documentation more carefully I recognized the need of "configuring the module", to change the I/O settings of my module. Until then I got the value -246.861. This is solved. :-)
    Now a new issue appeared. I set up three Pt100 measurements with the same configuration. Two giving a reasonable value. Around 25 °C, but the first one shows -220 °C. Any ideas why? The same values appear when interchanging the sensors.
    I'm using a brand new L523 module.
    I enclosed some pictures for trouble shooting.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    live_messurement.PNG Configuration.PNG

  • Solved by: The pre K value was set to 0.1 as described in the documentation. I set it back to 1. With one every measurement is working properly.

    Question: Could you explain in more detail how the pre and post K and Q values are working. I'm a bit confused. Obviously its just a matter of scaling since for Pt1000 the pre K factor need to be set to 0.1. So for Pt500 the pre K factor should be set to 0.5? Am I correct?

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