RS232 GND pin

  • Hello,
    I own an Axon S215.
    I want to use the RS232 interface with a 12V RFID reader.
    How should I use the "GND" pin for RS232 on the Axon ? Do I need to use it ?

    I use another reader (12V as well) with the RS485 interface, but this one has no "GND" pin.

    Thanks !

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    Hello @rtatibouet,
    the RS485 and RS232 are completely different buses.

    The RS485 is differential and doesn't need the GND, since the logic levels are based on the voltage difference between A and B terminal

    The RS232 is not differential and the TX / RX logic levels are based on the voltages between TX and GND and RX and GND.

    Best regards,

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