one-wire sensor with 3 cables versus one wire sensors with 4 cables

  • Hello Unipi Team,

    I currently have 4 temp sensors from unipi which have 4 cables. Now I have got a one wire sensor (3 m) with only 3 cables (seems to be standard).
    How do I connect this sensor with unipi 8 port hub (old model with all ports on one side). As far as I know, on your 4 cable sensors the data line goes to the sensor and then back to the hub on another pin of the RJ plug which the goes to the next port of the hub. This would mean, that I have to bridge somehow this two pins. Result seems to be an unstable bus.

    Any idea how to connect 3 cable sensors professionally to your hub/bus?

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    Hello @juntiedt,
    the best way is to use the 3 wire sensor as the last one and connect the data line to the pin 6 on the RJ45 connector. Please consult this tutorial:

  • thanks for your information.

    I have connected a 4 wire cable very close to the three wire sensor and connected the data line to 2 wires in order to use the hub. At the moment it works.

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