S215 not functioning after deploiment

  • Hi. I am new to working with Unipi and Mervis. I have worked through the first tutorial, although it is obviously not up to date with the latest versions of the software. I am using Axon S215 and have updated the OS. I have managed to build and deploy the first tutorial, but there is no action on the Axon. I don't get any report on an error, but a warning that channel Axon S215, line 0, column 1: Unmapped variables: CNT_1.01_set.
    I can't find any information on how to interpret this or get the Axon to work. On the Axon the RUN light flashes slowly.
    Please inform on how to solve this or where to find better instructions and documentation.
    Kind regards,

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    first, you do not need to worry about the unmapped variable.

    Do you mean this tutorial https://kb.unipi.technology/en:sw:01-mervis:creating-new-project-hidden#connecting_the_inputs_outputs ? That should to date to the current Mervis IDE 2.3.0.

    Could you share the whole zipped project folder?

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