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  • Hey.
    I am new in Mervis and have a unipi Neuron L203.
    I want a toggle function on a input to switch on/off a relay. But I also wants to swtich off same relay when a another input is getting signal (when the alarm system is active).
    Any Ide?

  • administrators

    Hi @daho,
    for the toggle functionality you can use the FB "toggle". The rest of the task is simple boolean logic. If the toggle output is true and another DI is false (not true), set the RO to true. Use the FB "and" and "not" for that.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for quick reply. But I also wants to reset the toggle fb when I activete the alarm. Can its be done?
    It is working to switch off when alarm i active. But the lights goes on again when alarm i off.


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