Latest Update: Issues with unipi_tcp_server and unipispi

  • Hi,

    since the latest update (unipi-kernel-modules-dkms 1.36) I am having issues with my Neuron M103.

    Starting the tcp-server manually results in an error about /dev/unipispi:

    root@zentrale:/heizung/src# /opt/unipi/tools/unipi_tcp_server -p 502 -l  --verbose --check-firmware
    ARMINIT: Cannot open device /dev/unipispi
    ARMINIT: Cannot open device /dev/unipispi
    ARMINIT: Cannot open device /dev/unipispi
    UniPi TCP Modbus Server: Listening Connection Established RET:3
    poll timeout = -1[ms]
    Starting primary loop

    When trying to access through modbus I get an error:
    fieldbus_get_ai error: Slave device or server failure

    So looks like I can not open unipispi device. Modules seems to be loaded:

    root@zentrale:/heizung/src# lsmod| grep unipi
    rtc_unipi              16384  0
    root@zentrale:/heizung/src# lsmod| grep spi
    spidev                 20480  0
    spi_bcm2835            20480  0

    Anyone having a clue how to deal with this issue?

    Thanks a lot!


  • Hi,

    I fixed it by
    apt install neuron-kernel

    It uninstalled dmks modules- I am unsure if this is a proper solution. At least it seems to work now.



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