B37 how to change time settings of block

  • Hello all,
    we use the B37 in heat exchange stations. We regulate for temperature on return water temperature.
    But closed loop delay is about 15 min, then with this regulator i get high peak on heating water.

    Is any way to to get slower regulation?


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    Hello @derinex,

    as I do not know any details about your system, there is hard to help you. B37 is a standard PID regulator without any advanced features (such as integrator limiter - anti-windup, derivation filter nor any kind of auto-tuning). You can try the following:

    1. Tune-up PID parameters - e.g. try to turn off the integration (I) and derivation(D) parts or change proportional(P) gain. As an inspiration, you can see the old well-known tuning method by Ziegler-Nichols (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ziegler–Nichols_method). Unfortunately, these methods may not be sufficient for systems with significant transport delay (which is probably your case).

    2. Use a regulator with more advanced structure. But, this kind of FUPLA blocks is not a part of the current version of Mervis IDE. Therefore, you have to compose it of basic blocks (or extend the B37). This approach requires a deep knowledge of the problematic.

    I am sorry, but there is probably no simple ready-to-use (or plug-and-play) solution.

  • Thanks for deep analysis of this problem. I know the possibilities to tuning by changing the parameters, but this is not working well.

    I will make new block on my own as you suggest.

    best regards

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