Relay and AI doesn't work

  • Hello,

    i have created a bool variable, mapped it to Relay 1 and a switch in the visu. But when i turn on the switch, the variable switches to 'true' but the Relay doesn't switch. What i am doing wrong?

    Also the Analog input gets no Value from the UniPi 1.1?

    I use Raspbian Buster, RPi 3, Codesys V 3.5 SP 15 Patch 1 with the latest Raspberry Codesys Control and UniPi Package

    Thank you for reply

  • Maybe there is a Rights problem?
    Has anyone an idea?

  • administrators

    Hello @arc,
    we actually don't use CODESYS at all nor we are able give a proper support. The packages have been created by @DavidCozens of COSOSO. Try contacting him.

    Thank you for understanding,

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