DALI PSU recommendation request

  • Dear all, i'd like to ask you to recommend specific DALI PSU suitable for AXON DALI implementation, at best with possibility to buy it in the Czech Republic....
    Thanks, Libor.

  • ...just to closely specify the installation: Parking house installation, in the end all four AXON DALI channels will be utilized, few hundred meters of cabling used.

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    check the list some of the available DALI power supplies on the market below:

    • Tridonic - Dali PS1, Dali PS2, Dali PS3
    • Recom - RELV4-16
    • Foxtron - DALIpwr
    • Lunatone - Dali PS, Dali PS2, Dali PS128, etc...

    Foxtorn is commnonly available in Czech since its a company located in Prague.

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