FUPLA Blocks

  • Hello again :)

    As i'm going through Mervis i remember from training that i can save my Function Blocks as FUPLA Blocks in my library.

    But what i noticed and want to asnwer it:

    When i made FB and then save it as FUPLA block i can see it in FUPLA explorer only in that project where i save it - is there any trick to save FB to the FUPLA and use it in other projects? Like library or something like that and load this library at any project i want like Mervis, Analog and Digital FUPLA blocks.

    When i save FB to the FUPLA is there any way i can configure this FUPLA block after in editor, or i have to do it in project, where i made this FB only?

    Thansk. :)

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    you have to create your own library. In general it is best to create an empty project just for your own libraries. Then just create a new librry project and your FB within it. By compiling the project a .slb file will be created in the library_project_name folder within your project. This file should be copied to the C:/Program files/Mervix (xxx)/Library

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